About Mélopée

Mélopée (Melopee) is a travel guitar and ukulele brand created by french luthier Sébastien Berlinet

Melopee workshop is located in Toulouse, France.

As a engineer, musician, singer and traveller, Sébastien constantly search for the best carry-on sized instrument.

You better be warned : Ukulele is a BIG deal here!

Clémence ThierryClémence Thierry
20:23 13 Sep 23
Violin making course: a great experience making a ukulele, under the excellent advice of Sébastien. Magnificent handmade instruments that are truly unique.Thank you Sébastien!
18:50 06 Sep 23
I was lucky enough to receive an internship at Mélopée with Sébastien as a gift! Passionate about music, I also began to be interested in woodworking. I couldn't dream of anything better than making a musical instrument with this course to make your own Ukulele! During these 2 and a half fairly intense days (~20 hours in total), we cover all the techniques, we handle all the manual tools and machines for working with wood, each time with a very clear explanation, a demonstration if necessary, and a quality control from Sébastien who asks for a few corrections at each stage to ensure that the instrument will be perfect. The final sandings with a micrometer allow the instrument to be fine-tuned! I'm won over, I have a magnificent Ukulele that sounds great, and I've learned lots of things! Obviously I recommend! THANKS ! 🙂
bruno brunobruno bruno
08:36 11 Aug 23
I strongly recommend the course offered by Sébastien to make his instrument. Great place, great materials and Sébastien accompanies you throughout this course to leave tired with a smile and with your instrument.
Dorothée REVOLDorothée REVOL
06:58 30 Jul 23
How does a "piece of wood" become a "piece of us"?! Magnificent gift received for my 40th birthday!! The surprise was such, and the opportunity so unique, that I didn't want to miss it! So the first morning, despite a warm welcome, I still had the pressure because I hesitated, for fear of regretting bad choices for life, while Sébastien needed us to move forward in decision-making because he knows the number of small steps to explain to all of us and then to implement each of us in turn to achieve our goals! But what an end! After hours of work, which fortunately we don't see pass, between concentration in a relaxed atmosphere and the blagounettes of the group, and the various fears all along the way, where the fear of doing wrong grows as much as the instrument takes shape, and after the ordeal of the "zipper" (humor, you will understand ;-)), what relief, what intense joy when the neck fits perfectly on the ukulele box!! Then when he utters his first cry: but what emotion! Me who was afraid of not liking it "And if it was too sharp? Too much? Too much that?" I was very moved by finding it as beautiful to hear as to watch :-D!So you who are hesitating, don't worry if you're not a handyman, he explains everything step by step so much (this is also why it takes time) that you'll get there too ;-)! And for the clumsy, rest assured: he has more than one trick up his sleeve to catch up with all the small hazards of the workshop! If you are a beginner, you will be even more motivated to practice your new instrument because believe me, when you hear it sound for the first time in the hands of Sébastien, you will measure the extent of the possibilities!And if you too are hesitant, you may be, like me, part of the stats of his most painful customers, nevertheless he will take the time to answer your questions and guide you in your choices. Just remember to ask for paid options well in advance of the course and know that it is an intense experience with busy days. But for me, who is a perfectionist, I much prefer not to have taken any breaks and to have a beautiful instrument, really finished, well finished and well regulated, which is so "real", that it's disturbing to say to oneself "it's I who made it"! And even if I didn't do absolutely 100% of the steps myself, I know that with more time and Sébastien's advice I would have succeeded :-)Idea for improvement: put mosquito nets on the windows 😉
Ludovic GandyLudovic Gandy
17:49 05 Jun 23
Great experience that this violin making course with Sébastien.2 and a half dense days but the result is beyond my expectations. My Ukulele is GORGEOUSNo need to be a handyman, just meticulous and that's it.The group of 4 was very nice too.In short: I highly recommendThank you very much Sébastien for this great course.
Patrice LeclercPatrice Leclerc
14:01 02 Apr 23
Very satisfied with my new "KAIKOURA" resonator, impeccable finish, powerful sound. Loads of attractive little details. I took the option of the handmade resonator, the sound is quite colorful banjo. The touch of the fingers is quite soft.Really very nice work.
Gegos _Gegos _
16:09 22 Mar 23
Very good address!I advise you to follow the tailor-made Ukulele manufacturing course with Sébastien, it is a fascinating and very instructive experience.Workshop work is done in excellent conditions, both in terms of safety and education.Everyone comes out with the fruits of their labor, it's really great.G.
20:49 21 Jan 23
You don't need to be a professional musician or luthier to take advantage of a ukulele manufacturing course. I had the chance to make my own (Kaikoura travel model), and it turned out great!The course is intense and very interesting. Everything being in the making, we are amazed at every moment in the evolution of the manufacturing. Sébastien accompanies us in each step, and I thank him for his patience and his transmission. The desire to do well is mutual, and nothing is left to be neglected.More than an instrument in hand (and of good quality), I leave this course with lots of good memories.If you are curious, and a ukulele lover, I highly recommend this course!
Laurent FranckLaurent Franck
16:38 28 Dec 22
Custom made concert ukulele.I am delighted. Already the approach is excellent: choose the type of wood according to the desired sound, the wooden panel itself, the mechanics, the finishes... with the expert advice of Sébastien.Now that I have the instrument in hand, I can say that it conforms to what I was looking for. The finish is impeccable and the sound balanced as I wanted. And I find it immediate to grip (I have threeyears of practice)Make no mistake: this is not by chance. Sébastien was able to guide my choices according to expectations and above all there is his mastery as a luthier during the manufacture of the instrument!Finally, if you have to talk about money: here is a ☝️ custom-made ukulele, of very good quality. Is it competitive with such respected brands as (among others) Anuenue, Pono, Kanîlea, Koaloha? Personally, I have no doubts … either for an equal price, the service is much higher, or for an equivalent service you would have to pay 30% more at the very least.And I'm not talking about the satisfaction of helping national crafts (and local in my case)Thank you Sébastien, now it's my turn to work hard 😛, no more excuses
Manu PavyManu Pavy
19:13 23 Jan 21
Great violin making internship experience! Sébastien puts himself at the level of his interlocutors and listens to everyone.I come out with a rich experience, a unique ukulele (correct and very beautiful) and above all an incredible desire to practice.

Every Melopee Ukulele comes with :

– All solid construction

– Appropriate thickness and braces work depending on wood

– High quality supplies : Tonewoods, Tuning pegs, 18% nickel-silver fretwire, Bone nut & saddle, Fluorocarbon strings…

– Pro fretting and setup job for great comfort and playability

Custom Traditionnal Ukulele

Unique High End Ukulele handcrafted by luthier Sébastien Berlinet in France.

Traditionnal Ukulele is the most Versatile Ukulele you can find.

In one single strum, everything pops to you : projection, balance, sustain, wood warmth and depth…

Custom Travel Ukulele (Banjolele)

Unique High End Travel Ukulele handcrafted by luthier Sébastien Berlinet in France.

The Kaïkoura model is a travel ukulele inspired by tahitian traditional instruments.

Its all solid, compact and vintage design combines great comfort and playability with suprisingly loud projection.

Loud, twangy and bright sound somewhere between a Gramophone and a Banjolele (Banjo uke).


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